Glynis Breakwell, current Vice-Chancellor of the university, has faced scandal and controversy over her extremely high salary of nearly half a million pounds

Andrew Andonis, who formerly held the position of education minister, publicly called for Vice-Chancellor Breakwell to willingly resign from her post after a revelation that her salary was increased for the academic year of 2016 – 2017.

Breakwell, who receives the most pay of any vice-chancellor throughout the nation, benefited from an increase that raised her already sizeable salary to £468,000.

The average vice-chancellor working in Britain earns less than half of Breakwell’s salary, averaging roughly £250,000.

Adonis, who is a Labour party advocate and has been vocally critical of the high pay upper-level staff in universities receive, termed the Breakwell’s boosted salary a “disgrace”.

Adonis also declared her behavior as being “outrageous”, and demanded a new Vice Chancellor for Bath University. He filed a formal complaint against Breakwell and demanded an investigation be conducted into the pay increase.

Issue of Breakwell’s “excessive” salary has generated negative press for the university

The decision to increase Breakwell’s level of pay was decided in July 2016 during a meeting. Meeting records show that Breakwell was not present while her salary was being discussed by committee members.

Earlier in the month, reports revealed that Bath University had witnessed a considerable decline of student applications; suspected to be a result of the controversy surrounding Breakwell.

Four MPs (Labour) have stepped down from their positions at the university in protest of Breakwell’s pay as well as the way the university has handled the controversy and media frenzy surrounding it.

Supporters of Breakwell claim that she has been responsible for a positive, beneficial transformation at Bath University since she took on the post in 2011.


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