Mark Richards, professor of Earth and planetary science at the University of California has been chosen to replace Gerald Baldasty, the current provost at the University Of Washington.

Mark Richards

Mark Richards has been chosen to assume the position of provost, the second highest position at the University Of Washington, leading academics and the university’s budget. University President Ana Mari Cauce stated that Mark Richards is an  “an outstanding academic leader and an accomplished scientist who has made it a mission to expand the diversity of the STEM fields.”

In charge of a team from around the world, Mark Richards leads the exploring the Deccan Traps volcanic eruptions which happened in India almost 60 million years ago. Richards has repeatedly proven himself worthy of the position of provost at the university with several colleagues. Richards has also worked on Berkeley’s Teaching Excellence Colloquium which is now mandatory for all new employees.


Professor Richards also teaches an experimental course called “Time”. The course is part of Berkley’s Big Idea program which consists of several courses about innovative and promising ideas and so on.

As well as serving as an investigator for several federal grants as well as private ones with support STEM, Professor Richards began the California Alliance program aimed at bringing students, faculty and post-doctorate members together and promote diversity. Professor Richards was handed his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin followed by a master’s in applied physics and a Ph.D. in geophysics from Caltech Institution of Technology and finally his Postdoc at the Australian National University.

Professor Richards is set to start his new position in June after Gerald Baldasty on the 30th.


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