Canterbury’s Christ Church University might be closing its Broad stairs campus, leaving students, faculty and staff fearing course cuts and redundancies. A university spokeswoman said that they are still discussing the plans to accommodate students and staff incase this goes through.

The Decision

Canterbury’s Christ Church University (CCCU) has reportedly launched a consultation into the possibility of closing its Broadstairs campus, which leaves students, faculty and staff worrying about course cuts and other redundancies. One staff member said that the potential closure is “based around finances.”

According to Karen Luckcock, the Library information advisory on the campus at Northwood Road, said that there are three possible proposals regarding the closure.

If a closure is in fact decided upon, a “coventry model” will be introduced. The Coventry model offers an accelerated 2-year degree courses or a regular degree at reduced fees.

The results of the consultation will reportedly be revealed the following day. However, Luckcock said that staff members think the consultations “will not carry any weight.”

“Though many students have courses based in Canterbury, they spend a majority of their time at the Broadstairs campus to use the library and study facilities. If this campus closes, there will be an empty building at the roundabout on the way to Westwood Cross. There will also be unemployed staff and abandoned students.”

She also added: “There is huge potential for this campus. And what about the original reason for the existence of the site – the availability of courses for the local community? “Everywhere else in Thanet seems to be building for the future and the outlook is both improved and more optimistic. Closing this campus would have a hugely negative impact on the area.”

Additional Comments

A CCCU spokeswoman said that the City Council has recently given “planning permission” for a new arts building on its main campus in Canterbury. She said that these plans include transferring arts & humanities courses from Broadstairs to Cantenbury in the Fall of 2018.

She also said: “Discussions are continuing to explore how these changes and others in our Estate Master Plan impact our campuses, including our Broadstairs campus.

“No decisions have been made on changes to our estate, beyond those we have committed to in our Estate Master Plan.”

Other than Broadstairs, CCCU also has two other campuses: North Holmes Campus, Medway campus and Salomons, Tunbridge Wells campus. North Holmes is the original campus for the university- established in 1962. Medway was opened in October 2004.


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