Durham University has just announced the beginning of its construction on its new central hub for after announcing plans to open the doors to a new learning center in 2019.

Teaching And Learning

Durham University has just begun construction on a new Educational hub with hopes of opening in 2019. With plans of opening a state of the art learning hub equipped with advanced educational technology and open, learning-friendly environments to all students in an effort to advance and better every student’s education and learning process in the new center.

The pro-vice-chancellor, Professor Alan Houston has stated that the new center is the university’s latest strategy in keeping itself at the top of the education chain worldwide, focused on strong learning environments and efforts designed to allow every student a chance to learn, study, conduct research and create a top of the line educational experience for themselves.

Design And Input

The new center will come equipped with large lecture halls for students to attend lectures or seminars, top-line laboratories for education and research, student learning zones to bring together students in a safe and educational environment as well as teaching rooms for more close-end classes and courses with the university aspiring to be internationally renowned for its research, student learning experiences and its dedication to education.

Apart from creating full-time jobs on campus, the center hopes to become the middle-ground for innovative creativity and student motivation, providing educational and research resources as well as advancing and inspiring bright minds to further their education, projects, university majors and more.

The state-of-the-art facility will be civilian friendly in every manner, with sidewalks and easy access available to more needing students and personnel. Durham University hopes that opening the new central hub will benefit its local economy, with the $40 million structure adding conference halls as well as opening full-time and construction jobs over the next year and a half.


Durham Student Union’s Sabrina Seel has stated that she hopes the new hub will meet the needs of students in every educational manner, tending to their academic needs as they grow and change.

She hopes the new building will provide them with every educational requirement as learning methods continue to advance and change all over. Sabrina Seel also stated that she’s very pleased students will have a new cutting-edge educational center and that their needs will be met with readily available resources, design to assist and aid them in their university and learning experience.


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