The FBI is offering the public a $10,000 reward for any information on the kidnapping of a University scholar, Yingying Zhang.

The Offer

The FBI has offered the public a $10,000 reward for any information regarding to unexpected disappearance of the Illinois University scholar, 26-year-old Yingying Zhang.

The disappearance is suspected to have been a kidnapping, as footage from a security camera in a parking lot shows Yingying talking to a driver for several minutes right before she went missing.

This happened at about 2:00pm local time, on Friday at the northern part of Illinois University’s Urbana-Champagn Campus. She was reportedly supposed to be on her way to sign a lease for her new apartment, but had texted the manager of the building to say she was “running late.”

The video shows Yingying getting into the car’s passenger seat, speaking for several minutes and then the car driving off. The driver of the Saturn Astra “appears to be a white male,” the police said.

Since then, Yingying did not make her appointment. According to the police, when no one could reach her, her friends sounded an alarm on Saturday.

Yingying has black, shoulder-length hair, brown eyes and is about 5”4” tall and around 110 lbs. The clothes she was wearing when she was last seen, was a white and pink top with long sleeves, jeans, white shoes and a dark baseball hate.

Comments On her Disappearance

Yingying’s father, Ronnggao Zhang, issued a statement, saying: I really hope to see Yingying coming back safe and sound. It’ll be the best Father’s Day gift.”

Another university student, Zink Zhang, said: “She’s careful; she wears her backpack on the front to avoid people stealing from her. “Her boyfriend said she’s thoughtful, and she doesn’t easily trust people.”

Another fellow student, Robin Huang, said:

“As someone who studies in a foreign country just like Yingying, we can feel how much she needs our help. That’s why we really want to find her. Also, it is disturbing to think that there’s criminals out there. We do not know who will be the next target. And we don’t know what they are trying to do.”

YingYing’s aunt, Kelly Ye, told Dateline: “I believe our Yingying will be back. As her family, we have nothing to do but to believe. The police officer told me that he is not only working on the case as an officer, but also as a father. This makes me believe that they will be able to find our Yingying as soon as possible.”


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