A university in Florida named Florida Gulf Coast University is teaching a “White Racism” class taught by led by sociology professor Ted Thornhill.

The Course

The class named “White Racism” is reported to be taught by sociology professor Ted Thornhill this spring. The course is meant to study “the racist ideologies, laws, policies, and practices that have operated for hundreds of years to maintain white racial domination over those racialized as non-white” and to “interrogate the concept of race” according to the course description.

A huge controversy has circled around the teaching of “White Racism” at the university with the class consisting of 50 students constantly monitored by campus police. Thousands of e-mails, texts, letters and more vocal thoughts have been received by the university in anger at the class being taught. Professor Thornhill has told several news companies that the class “must be taught”, even after receiving almost 50 personal threats and racial rants.


With the countless hostile outbursts and “probable” violent threats, the university has assigned and deployed several campus officers to observe and watch over the class during its hours in fear of a violent act against any of the 50 students or even professor Ted Thornhill.

Professor Thornhill has fully backed the class, stating that it absolutely must be taught, despite having constant racial slurs thrown at him. The University is prepared for any situation, seeing as how Florida has been riddled with hate crimes and countless other race-related issues. Many other universities and professors have focused on “White Racism” classes after President Trump was sworn into office, with race-fueled crimes and other “White Privilege” acts plaguing the nation. Professor Thornhill aims to study and focus on the university’s own racial history and see what students can learn from it in today’s world.


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