Thomas LeBlanc, a Plattsburgh native, eagerly looks forward to working in the prestigious position

Doctor Thomas LeBlanc uses his own life and accomplishments as an example of taking career opportunities wherever and whenever they appear.

LeBlanc’s can-do attitude led him on a unique career path that included a stay in Brazil, a period as University of Rochester’s dean, a position as University’s of Miami’s provost and last (but not least) his inauguration as GWU 17th President in Washington, DC.

LeBlanc stated of his accomplishments that if he had declined any of the many opportunities offered him, he may have missed major events and positions in his life and career.

Originally from Plattsburgh, LeBlanc worked as a newspaper boy with his brothers, delivering approximately to 200 customers.

LeBlanc then studied in Brazil for a year, during the time when Brazil was still ruled by military dictatorship. LeBlanc managed to learn Portuguese and partake of the local culture and music as well.

LeBlanc found himself in the role of President by “accident”

LeBlanc’s higher education consisted of pursuing a BA in the field of computer science, and working at a computer center and then a research lab. LeBlanc met his wife Anne at the research lab and completed his master’s degree after approximately six years.

LeBlanc then pursued his aforementioned posts as dean and provost at the UR and UM respectively, before “accidentally” ending up as President of GWU, as he describes it.

LeBlanc was working at UM as a provost, a job which he knew would put him on lists across the nation as a potential president for universities.

LeBlanc stated that he knew from the start he did not have a specific want to be a president but rather hoped to work at a job that challenged him and allowed he and his wife to live in a state they appreciated.

LeBlanc is happy to continue to develop GWU as an institution of research and innovation.


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