Oxford graduate Faiz Siddiqui is suing the University of £1,000,000, accusing staff of “inadequate” teaching

39-year-old Siddiqui blames Oxford teachers for receiving a lower class of degree (upper second as opposed to first) during June of 2000 when he undertook his final examinations.

Siddiqi directly blames his poor results on the absence of Oxford staff (certain members were taking sabbatical leave at the time) and accuses a tutor of not submitting certain pertinent medical information concerning him to the university examiners.

Siddiqui has filed a claim of £1,000,000 against the university and claimed that had it not been for his final results he would have been able to work as a commercial lawyer in the international field.

Aside from the loss of a career, Siddiqui has also set responsibility on the university for ongoing insomnia and clinical depression, which he states have worsened significantly due to his failure which he deems “inexplicable”.

Representative for Oxford dismisses Siddiqui’s allegations

Siddiqui’s lawyer, Roger Mallalieu, stated that Siqqiqui had been a highly driven individual in 2000, working towards attaining a post-graduate degree prior to commencing employment at either a law firm in the United States or the English tax bar.

However, Mallalieu alleges that due to the low-quality teaching provision as offered by Oxford, Siddiqui and other students have suffered from poor employment opportunities.

The representative of Oxford University, Julian Milford, dismissed Siddiqui’s claims and stated that Siddiqui had received the same quality and quantity of teaching in 2000 as he had received in other years.

Milford also stated that records of the court did not make any note of mental health issues pertaining to Siddiqui at his final year of studies, despite Siddiqui stating that his tutor was aware that he had depression.


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