The university has begun to advance and implement a strategic plan that will span over a period of five years

Bruce Harreld, President of UI, replaced the two teams he originally implemented to manage progress on UI’s plan for progress with just one team.

The official committee – termed the Path Forward Steering Committee – will be co-chaired by Sue Curry, Provost, and temporary Vice President, Rod Lehnertz, VP of Finance & Operations.

The PFSC will also consist of other leaders from different branches of the university, including President Harreld.

Whereas the former teams were categorized as groups working on short-term goals and groups working on goals to be implemented in the longer-term, the new committee aims to divide itself into four separate groups.

The PFSC groups will focus individually on the following four issues: student success; engagement; discovery and research; and diversity, inclusion, collaboration and equity.

The announcement revealing the restructured committee comes following the state cutting funding to the UI and other public universities across Iowa, with budgets being slashed by over $30 million.

President Harreld stated that UI would require a minimum of $155 million up to $165 million over the coming five year period in order to attain its goals, one-third of which will come from reallocated resources.

If lawmakers and private donors do not help with the remaining required funding, Harreld will be forced to raise tuition for resident undergraduates by 7% a year.

UI invites community to share and participate in its plan

The UI has opened up its initiatives to the public by providing a website for members of the UI community to offer their input and feedback on the university’s progress, as well as hosting open forums over November and December.

Provost Curry made an official statement praising the work that has been accomplished thus far by the university and community, and that she looks forward to seeing what will happen in the future.


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