Researcher Michael Abramoff founded IDx, a medical diagnostic organization aiming to acquire an artificial intelligence tool to preserve the vision of diabetic patients

The United States Food & Drug Administration has never permitted artificial intelligence apparatus to be used in diagnosing patients or direct patient care: until IDx.

The device developed and created by IDx founder, scientist, and physician Dr. Abramoff will allow patients with diabetic retinopathy to be diagnosed early.

Blindness caused by diabetic complications is highly preventable if caught early.

IDx tested the A.I. out on 900 diabetic individuals to prove to the FDA that the technology is highly effective, useful, cost-effective, and above all safe.

Dr. Abramoff’s idea for the technology came after he had spoken to one patient who had permanently lost his eyesight, asking the patient why he did not seek medical attention at an earlier date.

The man responded that he was unable to get an appointment with a doctor in time, prompting Abramoff to think that there had to be a better solution.

Abramoff aimed to revolutionize the process of screening diabetics for retinopathy 

Abramoff, who had former training in the fields of software development and artificial intelligence technology, began working on an automated method to enable diabetic patients to be screened for retinopathy.

Through his research, Abramoff discovered similar technology was already being implemented abroad: in Europe, thousands of diabetes patients undergo regular, automated screening by A.I. devices.

Abramoff stated that his ultimate goal is for his company IDx to be the “ground zero” for revolutionizing the use of A.I. in the field of medicine.

Aside from the A.I. to screen for retinopathy, IDx is also developing other, similar devices and tools for to use for other degenerative vision conditions, such as glaucoma.


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