Justin Cheng’s body was discovered away from the University Of Bristol, making it the 8th case of suicide-related deaths at the University in only 18 months.

Justin Cheng

Among rising mental health issues at the University, 8 students have taken their own lives during the last 18 months, raising heavy debates over declining mental issues as well as stress-induced mental health problems at the University.

Justin Cheng was a third-year student at the University, believed to have taken his own life after police found his body on the 12th of January. Director of student services, Mark Ames stated that “Justin was found away from Bristol on the evening of 12 January. The police have told us they believe he took his own life.”

He also said that “There were no suspicious circumstances and the coroner will hold an inquest in due course. Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends.”

Rising Mental Health Difficulties

Several questions have been raised over the unprecedented rise in mental health difficulties amongst young people in Bristol after 8 students have taken their own lives over the course of 18 months.

Five other students have taken their lives during October 2016 and 2017 with the latest death sparking debates over Bristols mental health services and care. The University of Bristol has also said that their current services are not enough and very outdated and is no longer suited for service.

Mark Ames has stated that “It is immensely distressing for members of our university community to learn that one of our students has died. We know that this will be especially difficult for those who knew and studied with Justin.” And that “If students or staff are affected by this tragic news, we would encourage them to contact university support services as well as seek support from friends or family. Information about where to get help can be found on our website under staff and student pages.”



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