The university expressed disappointment after The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned its paid Facebook advert

Leicester University is one of five other educational institutions told to withdraw claims regarding graduate’s prospects and student satisfaction from their paid Facebook adverts.

The other institutions of higher education which had Facebook adverts removed included East Anglia, Teesside, West London, and Falmouth universities.

The advert in question was taken down by the ASA due to “unsubstantiated, misleading” claims concerning its ranking, declaring the university as being “top 1 percent” and “world ranked”.

A university spokesman stated that Leicester University took hard facts and statistics very seriously and that it never deliberately intended to confuse, mislead, or otherwise perplex potential students or any other individual interested in the university.

The spokesman went on to add that the university felt disappointment due to ASA interpretation of rankings differs from the individuals who compiled the tables, facts, and figures themselves.

Universities state that claims in the adverts based off independent assessments

The five other universities, as well as Leicester, stated that any claims made within their adverts were based off independent assessments created by qualified, renowned institutions which compile international and national league tables – such as QS World University Rankings.

A spokesman for Universities UK, an organization that represents universities all across the UK, stated that it is every university’s responsibility to ensure data is used appropriately and accurately when marketing and advertising.

The spokesman added that Universities UK maintains open communication with the ASA, and remains eager to promote good practice and guidance in all member universities and ensure those clear guidelines are defined for universities to issue statistics and rankings in adverts.


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