Jonathan Martin, a Christian author, was removed from Liberty University’s campus for anti-Trump sentiments

Liberty University was founded by Jerry Falwell, evangelical Christian, controversial political figure, and leader of the Moral Majority movement. The university identifies as evangelical Christian.

Jerry Falwell Jr. has been an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump and his former adviser Steve Bannon since the Presidential race began, with the criticism of some evangelical community members.

There has long been dissent in the community regarding supporting Trump due to the administration’s advocacy of policies that are xenophobic, white nationalist, or outright racist in nature.

However, Falwell Jr. maintains his father’s legacy of ensuring that Liberty University continues to politicize its views on Christianity.

Martin’s forcible removal from campus demonstrates the conflict between evangelists over supporting the Trump administration

Martin, an evangelist author who has long criticized the university’s close ties and active support of President Trump and his administration, planned to hold a meeting to join in prayer with students on campus before a scheduled concert.

Martin was paying a visit to the campus in Virginia as the honored guest of the band set to perform on campus, called “Johnnyswim”.

Before Martin could get onstage to begin praying with students, he was escorted from the backstage area after Johnnyswim’s performance by security guards that Martin said were armed.

Martin later posted a photo to his Twitter account of the document, signed by local Police Chief R.D. Hinkley, permanently barring him from accessing Liberty University.

A spokesperson for the university claimed that Martin knew his prayer meeting, which was categorized as an “unauthorized event” would not be allowed to occur on Liberty University private property.


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