On Sunday, Nigeria’s Maiduguri University was struck by a series of suicide bombings in different locations on campus, killing two people. Bombings in other locations also took place, killing a total of 16 people that night.

The Incidents

On Sunday, the University of Maiduguru in Nigeria was struck by a series of suicide bombings in different locations on campus, killing two people. Victor Isukwi, an officer from Borno Police’s public relations, confirmed this yesterday on his office-managed Whatsapp platform.

“Let’s not speculate yet”, he said to reporters. “At Unimaid only one male suicide bomber died; three university security personnel injured among which one later died.” The University professor, Danjuma Gambo, also confirmed the incident in a broadcast by BBC Hausa.

This reportedly happened as residents were peacefully celebrating the Muslim holiday “Eid-el-Fitr” following the holy month of Ramadan. One eyewitness and nearby resident, Malam Chiroma, said:

“The noise of the explosion coming from the university woke us up from the sleep around 10p.m. Few minutes after, the explosion spread to other parts of the town, especially around London Ciki.”

The police commissioner, Damien Chukwu, said: “Yesterday, a male suicide bomber gained entry into the premises of University of Maiduguri and detonated PBIED on his body near the Rapid Response Services Office building.”

“The suicide bomber died while three University security personnel on duty were injured. One of the injured security personnel, Becky Edubi, later died while being attended to at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.”

The university is only 45km away from the Boko-Haram-savaged town of Kawuri, where several attacks have been taking place.

Other Attacks in the Region

Chukwu also mentioned other bombings that took place on the same night. According to Punch, 16 fatalities were reported from the attacks that night.

“In another development, four female suicide bombers infiltrated Zannari community in Gwange general area of Jere local government area. Two of the suicide bombers detonated PBIEDs on their bodies in two residential buildings.”

“The bombers died killing eight other persons while eleven others were injured. “The third bomber detonated killing himself alone. The fourth female suicide bomber, identity not known, who was arrested also died the same night as a result of injuries she sustained.”

“One detonated close to the Entrepreneurship and Skill Acquisition Centre Complex killing herself with no other casualty. “The other suicide bomber detonated behind Works Department complex also killing herself with no other casualty.”


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