Mayor Rahm Emanuel received a harshly negative response during his talks at the University Of Michigan after revealing his plan of spending almost $100 million on a new police academy.

Money For Kids, Not For Cops

Although the Mayor was visiting the university to speak to students about the beneficial experience and occupational benefits of relocating to Chicago once they graduate, he was met with a heckling from the audience, with two of the protestors chanting “Money for kids, not for cops, no cop academy.” and was caught on video and posted on Twitter in a 45-second clip.

Mayor Emanuel stated, “Let’s do this, I’m going to answer your last question.” in response to the chanting, although the chanting continued. Other students were also caught on video boo-ing the protestors as the Mayor attempted to continue his talk. Emanuel later stated that he had a good talk with around 500 students about Chicago and answered questions from the audience about the topic.

City Hall

Another incident occurred when more people protesting the academy appeared at City Hall to oppose the massive funding for the academy with an argument over how the budget would be better spent on school, education, health services and offering more occupational services like job training.

In response to the talks at the University Of Michigan, Mayor Emanuel stated: “As students from across the country start to plan careers after college, Chicago offers them a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem to work in and unmatched cultural scene to enjoy.”

Celebrity figures like Chance The Rapper have also spoken out against building the academy which would take over 30 acres of land in West Garfield Park and would be a waste of resources which could further benefit the economy and the community. The Mayor also presented the heckling at the University as a method of presenting the everlasting issue of violence in Chicago.


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