The Inter-Fraternity Council, consisting of and run by students, took the decision to suspend all social activities pertaining to Greek Life (or fraternities) following allegations of hazing, drug use, and sexual misconduct

Alex Mayhan, the vice president of IFC, made a statement following the cessation of all social and other activities relating to fraternity life on campus.

Mayhan stated that social events on campus are a privilege that he feels the student community has not earned, and that the IFC will begin to assess its practices and policies to develop a plan to move forward.

The decision was made on Thursday following the conclusion of a meeting amongst several Michigan University fraternity presidents, during which several recent events held by different fraternities across campus were discussed.

One of the unauthorized events held required attendees of a particular fraternity’s party to wear handcuffs for the entire evening unless they managed to finish drinking a whole champagne bottle.

Brothers of several fraternities are also facing allegations of sexual misconduct, and over 30 hospital transportation trips were made during the weekend of October 7th.

During the weekend of Halloween (October 1st), another seven hospital trips took place at the university.

Hazing allegations are included in the accusations of general misconduct towards the universities’ fraternities: six incidences of hazing took place in October.

Suspension of social activities all-encompassing, as of yet no defined end to the ban

The IFC defined banned social activities as initiation activities to fraternities (broadly defined as hazing), any sort of group activity with new fraternity pledges that involves alcohol or extreme physical activity, and start-of-term mixers.

A general restriction has also been placed on any and all meetings that involve alcohol, or any group meeting that can be defined as a party.


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