Montana State University Archives is incorporating a new widespread collection

The Mike Clark collection of documents were of great interest to the university as they preserve the strive against mining in close proximity to Yellowstone National Park.

“Yellowstone was instructed and trusted into our care more than 120 years ago and today we are saying to the rest of the world to the rest our country and the future generations of America we have been worthy of that trust and we are giving it on to our children and our children’s children,” announced Bill Clinton, former President, during 1996 on the park grounds.

He stated the above once arranging a federal This was in celebration after he arranged a federal acquisition of a company that planned to mine close to the national park which was a compromise in which Mike Clark had a significant role in.

“Their campaign and successful campaign to combat the mining claims of Crown Butte just outside the park through the efforts of Mike and the Clinton Administration,” stated Montana State University archivist, Kim Scott.

50 Years Of Recording

For almost fifty years, Clark recorded information and studied the national park. As previous Greater Yellowstone Coalition director, Clark described working alongside Clinton as remarkable.

“Once we got the attention of the president he was very concerned about the park and he told his staff and cabinet figure out a way to do this. And the Cabinet, they actually asked Vice President Gore to meet with the U.S. Cabinet on solutions to stop the mine, and they did that for 6 or 8 months. So it was a high level of engagement by the president and by his top people,” explained Clark.

Written documents, photographs, as well as the buyout arranged by Clinton and the company, have now been incorporated into the University’s archives.

Scott also said that there is a significant amount of work needed to comprehensively organize the documents prior to public access scheduled for June.

Yellowstone’s Greater Coalition is still active to this day currently fighting to deter two additional mining companies near the national park.


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