OU aims to implement changes that can offer more protection to its students on campus at night following complaints of assault

After two separate complaints from female students claiming they were assaulted on campus in areas that were poorly lit, students and university officials met to discuss how the campus could be made safer.

The university police have yet to identify the suspects in the incidents, but university officials stated they will begin working to ensure similar incidents will not happen again.

Nicole Hector, a graduate student, said that she was disturbed at the thought of being at risk for physical or sexual assault on campus at night.

The first incident occurred on Thursday evening at approximately 6 PM, during which one female student stated she had been assaulted at the hands of three men of college-age in an area near Bryan Hall.

The alleged victim stated that one of the men shouted a homophobic insult at her and proceeded to throw an object at her that cut her face.

The victim described two suspects as being tall men (over 6 feet), one of whom had a stocky build. All three of the suspects were described as having brown hair.

University takes action to address lighting issues in certain areas

The following morning at approximately 4:30 A.M, yet another student reported being groped by a suspect described as white, 6”0, slim-built and sporting a black hooded sweatshirt.

Both of the assaults occurred in areas on Ohio University’s campus that have poor lighting.

University leaders are discussing how to enhance lighting on campus to avoid these sorts of incidents happening in the future, which will include making a tour of the campus to identify the areas that require additional lighting.

Hector, who takes classes at night, says that she hopes bright lights all across campus will reduce the risk of future assaults, and adds that she always carries mace on her.


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