Oregon University has commented on the sexual harassment case issued against its ex-basketball player, Kavell Bigby Williams.

Their Comments

On Thursday, the University of Oregon has issued a statement commenting on Eugene Emerald story alleging Kavell Bigby Williams committed sexual assault.

The statement said that the university takes any kind of sexual assault allegations regarding its athletes and students seriously. It also mentioned that they helped the NWCC police attempt to interview the athlete, which he refused to do as suggested by his lawyer.

“This was a scenario that stemmed from a law enforcement inquiry by the Northern Wyoming Community College police,” the statement said. “UO police have no jurisdiction in Wyoming, and it would be inappropriate for the UO to provide details on an inquiry led by another law enforcement agency.”

Additional Comments On The Case

According to the Coalition “Against Domestic and Sexual Violence’s” executive director, Vanessa Timmons:

“What we hear from survivors pretty much across the board is that when they’re dealing with a high-profile predator or perpetrator, that the perpetrator has all of the inherited credibility, all of this inherited goodwill from the role, their gender, their status.” She pointed out that this tends to lead to “victim blaming.”

She also mentioned that universities in Oregon are better than most in addressing such pressing issues, but that there is definitely room for improvement by promoting transparency and education regarding sexual assault.

Brenda Tracy, a survivor of gang-rape, tweeted about the issue, saying: “Doesn’t look like [Coach] Dana Altman learned anything from the gang rape scandal a few years ago.”

She sent out a following tweet, saying: “You would think that the very first place I would speak,” Tracy said in a Twitter message to KATU’s Chris Liedle. “Given the ongoing issues of the [men’s] basketball team and the fact that I’m in their backyard — I’ve always wondered why I haven’t been invited to speak to the team and staff.”

The Allegation

On Wednesday, the Eugene Daily issued a story saying that Bigby-Williams is currently under investigation for alleged sexual assault. He allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman late at night on September 17th last fall. The incident happened in an apartment in northern Wyoming, close to Gilette College.

The police said that they could not comment since the investigation is still ongoing. However, they did say that the incident was reported on September 18th and that the investigation has been going on ever since.


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