A professor at Oakland University who was accused of running a drug house speaks about the charge.

What He Said

Joseph Schiele, a professor at Oakland University who was accused of running a drug house comments about the charge. He has been a professor at the university since 2004, and was tenured seven years ago.

When reporters first approached him, he had said: “I’m sorry, I can’t. My attorney told me not to talk to anybody.”

He spoke later about the case, saying: “Have faith in the process. The truth is going to come to light, and unfortunately, as many parents probably know, rumors get started that sort of catch fire, and it’s unfortunate.”

He said he wouldn’t ever harm his students. “I love my students more than anything. They’re the reason why I enjoy my life,” he said. “And the last thing I would want to do is put them at any sort of disadvantage or in harm’s way or anything. I respect what the university is doing, and again I do appreciate their support, they’ve been great.”

“I had dummy camera’s on the exterior of the property that I used to deter people from doing anything,” said Schiele. “And I had a main camera which was monitor only but absolutely not videos.”

“I’m looking forward to this finally being put to bed, so to speak,” he said. “But I’m not looking forward to the overall process. It’s difficult, to say the least. I’d rather be in a classroom. I’d rather be on my computer doing my research work. I’d rather be focused on things that are more productive. Right now I’m focused on how the heck this could happen.”

The Accusation

Students tipped of “The Local 4 Defenders” back in January 2016 that there was something suspicious happening at his Oakland Township home.

According to Mark Gordon, the chief of police at Oakland University, said: “Over a period of six months two different anonymous tips with regards to activity that was occurring at this house, parties that were occurring.”

“There were references to drugs, illegal drugs, and underage drinking made during the anonymous tips. There was enough consistency between the two of them, from two different people, that we said there’s probably something to this.”

Students have also reportedly come forward saying they did drugs in his house. Court transcripts say that one female student said she frequently visited his home. She said she visited “at least 30 times,” for “partying, drinking and doing drugs,” “usually cocaine and ketamine.” Another student also said the same thing.

Students On the Scandal

Many students are shocked at the allegations. Daniel Ross, a former student of his, said: “He was awesome. He’s one of my favourite teachers. I never thought he would do anything like this.”

Another student, Nichole Hill, said: “Oh my goodness … ketamine? I was thinking like Adderall or weed, or something. That’s a big jump. Wow.”


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