Approximately 400 professors have signed an open letter advising students to avoid attending the university

The open letter boycotting the university is a result of allegations against UR professor Florian Jaeger that he sexually harassed female students.

Eight researchers from Rochester, both former and current, filed complaints against RU as of September for failing to protect the welfare of its students.

The letter reads that the signatories cannot encourage students to acquire employment or educational opportunities at the university, and the authors of the letter handed it to UR trustee board members on Monday.

Although professors and other academic professionals recommending certain institutions (or warning against them) is nothing new, it is remarkable that the letter has garnered so much support from academics across the globe and that the discussion regarding UR’s handling of the Jaeger allegations is so public.

New investigation commissioned into Jaeger by UR

The main source of the controversy is that the UR’s investigations into Jaegar’s behavior – two in two years – resulted in the university dismissing the claims and actually promoted Jaeger, determining that although Jaeger had engaged in sexual relations with a potential student and a current student (graduate), it did not violate policy.

Publication Mother Jones featured an article detailing the complaints in September, including details from Celeste Kidd, a scientist who claimed that Jaeger had exerted pressure on her to rent an empty room at his apartment, where he proceeded to mock her diet habits and her body.

Kidd added that the harassment occurred while she was a student at UR and that Jaeger also had a habit of sending her messages that were sexually explicit in nature.

Jaeger is currently on administrative leave and alleged victims of his harassment call for his resignation. The UR is conducting another investigation.


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