Anthony Scaramucci was due to speak at Tufts University until he actively threatened a TU student following an unflattering column

Anthony Scaramucci was, very briefly, a member of the Trump administration: he retained the post of Communications Director for a little over 15 days and is known in the media to be an outspoken, occasionally controversial figure.

Scaramucci, a TU alum, was due to speak on Monday at his university until his aggressive e-Mail to a student journalist was brought to light.

Scaramucci sent Camilo Caballero, the writer (aged 26), an e-Mail following the publication of two articles published on November 6th and November 13th that were critical of Scaramucci’s former role as an adviser to Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.

Shortly after the publication of the last article on the 13th, Caballero received an e-mail from Scaramucci himself warning him to “back it up” or Caballero would be contacted by a lawyer.

Approximately one week after Scaramucci’s communication, his attorney Samuel Lieberman contacted the newspaper directly demanding that the two articles be immediately retracted as they were of a “defamatory” nature.

Caballero’s writing was intended to illustrate why Scaramucci should not be invited to TU to speak

Liberman addressed Caballero directly, calling on him to issue a formal apology to Scaramucci for describing Scaramucci as behaving like an “unethical opportunist” during his brief period working for the White House, and implied that if Caballero did not apologize legal action may be taken.

In his column, Caballero explores the scandalous incident in which Scaramucci allowed conspiracy theorists to overtake a poll on his Twitter accountant asking followers to estimate how many Jewish individuals were killed over the course of the Holocaust.

Caballero uses the incident as a basis for reasoning that Scaramucci was more of a harm than a help to the reputation of TU, going on to describe Scaramucci as an individual who has allowed his Twitter accountant to be accessible to “friends” who aim to comfort Holocaust deniers.


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