Tariq Ramadan was given mandatory leave by the university following several allegations of assault, sexual harassment, and rape

Oxford University made a statement regarding the accusations against Ramadan, saying that the professor of Islamic studies would immediately take leave from his position at the university by “mutual agreement”.

The university statement went on to read that it acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations against Ramadan but emphasized how important it was to respect due process, justice, and fairness.

The statement added that Ramadan’s period of leave in no way implied guilt or presumption of guilt by the university, and was instead to allow Ramadan time to deal with the accusations against him.

The university stressed that it highly prioritized staff and students’ well-being and that it wouldn’t be intuitive for either Ramadan or the university for him to continue at his position in the midst of controversy.

Ramadan was accused in October by Henda Ayari, a French author, of rape. Ayari claimed Ramadan attacked her in a hotel room in Paris in 2012.

Ayari filed her complaint formally to the police, continuing a trend of women speaking out and reporting assault and harassment against them following the deluge of accusations against notorious Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.

A French newspaper then reported that in 2009, a woman filed a complaint to police that Ramadan had raped and violently attacked her in the city of Lyon.

Ramadan denies all allegations made against him, salutes Oxford University for “defending the principle of presumption of innocence”

Ramadan took to his social media account to confirm that his leave from Oxford University was not forced upon him but a “mutual agreement” to allow him to devote his time and effort to defend himself against the allegations, which he maintains are untrue.


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