Sir Vince Cable is considering paying students £1,000 per year so they could attend university, once he becomes the Liberal Democrats Leader this coming Wednesday.

The Decision

Sir Vince Cable is considering plans to pay students an annual £1,000 so they could attend university, once he becomes Liberal Democrats Leader this coming Wednesday. This comes following a similar decision in Wales, which promised students to receive at least £1,000, depending on their finances, in order to cover their living costs.

An expanded loan system will also be implemented in order to help students cover their tuition fees. These grants would make average income families eligible to be granted a non-repayable £7,000 per year.

Vince Cable, who expected to replace Tim Farron as the Lib Democrats leader, has said that he is considering rolling out a similar scheme in England.

His spokesman had said: “Vince thinks there should be a revision to the scheme and that some form of grant is necessary.”

More On Vince Cable 

Sir Vince Cable is the only current candidate to replace Tim Farron following his announced resignation. His entire party’s 10 MPs, have all decided to support Sir Vince’s candidacy. The only thing left for him to do is to secure his support from 200 other Liberal Democrat members in the 20 constituency parties in order to acquire the position.

Farron has announced that he will be leaving his position by the end of the upcoming week, before the General Election.

Sir Vince has also recently taken a stance against one of Prime Minister Theresa May’s political statements. Last week, he had accused her of using “evil” language, saying that her words could have been taken from “Mein Kampf,” one of Adolf Hitler’s books.

In response to May saying that people who think they are citizens of the world are “citizens of nowhere,” Sir Vince said: “I thought that particular phrase was quite evil. It could’ve been taken out of Mein Kampf. I think that’s where it came from, wasn’t it? ‘Rootless cosmopolitans’? It was out of character for her.”

Vince had also made comments about Brexit, saying that he us “beginning to think Brexit may never happen.”

“I think the problems are so enormous, the divisions between the two parties are so enormous. I can see a scenario in which this doesn’t happen,” he said. “And certainly, our policy of having a second referendum, is designed to give a way out when it becomes clear that Brexit is potentially disastrous.”


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