South Carolina University might be approving a record-high tuition hike since 2010. This would be second highest right after Charleston University’s 5.38 percent hike for next fall.

The Decision

According to Courier and The Post, South Carolina University might be approving the highest tuition increase in the last seven years.  A meeting has been set for Friday in order for the tuition hike to be approved.

If that happens, next Fall, tuition will rise up to $12,265 for in-state students- $410 more than the previous year. This is the largest price hike on record since 2010’s $630 hike. Tuition will also rise up to $32,365 for out-of-state students- $1,082 more than the previous year. This is approximately a 3.46 percent tuition increase. The institution has been raising its tuition annually for the last 30 years.

The hike will apply to all three of its four-year campuses as well as all four of its two-year campuses, and its online Palmetto College program.

Other South Carolina Universities

This also marks South Carolina’s second highest hike among public 4-year colleges for next fall. The highest hike belongs to Charleston College, which is raising its tuition by 5.38%. However, this college isn’t going to be changing its fees for meals and dorms.

The next in line are Coastal Carolina University, The Citade, Sourth Carolina State University and F. Marion University, which are all raising their tuition by around 3 percent for next fall.

Universities’ Lowering Tuition Initiatives

There has been an obvious political push from students and politicians all over the country to make universities and colleges more affordable for the average US citizen. Some politicians have even been pushing to make higher education a free right as well.

Many institutions have taken initiatives in order to make that possible for some of its students. This includes New York State’s recent initiative to offer to ease tuition fees for some of its students in the region.

Its Excelsior Scholarship offers in-state students who have a household income of less than $125,000, free education for all public four-year and two-year colleges in New York.

The scholarship will phase in starting 2017. During that academic year, the offer will be eligible to those with household incomes of $100,000, and will go up to $110,000 in 2018.

Oregon and Tennessee are also starting on programs that will offer free tuition for 2-year community colleges.


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