This Sunday, a student proposed to his girlfriend on the stage of the University of Ottawa’s graduation ceremony.

The Proposal

On Sunday, a student proposed to his girlfriend on the stage of the graduation ceremony at the University of Ottawa. When the faculty called out Roxan Ghossein’s name, she walked out, shook their hands, posed for a picture, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in psychology and minoring in advanced French.

After that, a Bruno Mars song started playing. Ghossein recalls her thoughts at that very moment: “Oh my gosh, what is happening?” Her boyfriend, Dany Rafful and his family ran out carrying balloons spelling out “Will you marry me?”

On stage, Rafful said: “You were so afraid that when I popped that question that you wouldn’t have your nicest dress or your freshest nails.” said Rafful onstage. 

“Let me tell you something, with or without the dress, with or without the freshest nails, you always look absolutely incredible.”

Similar Proposals

Just last month, another person, Joseph Dizdar, proposed to their significant other on the stage of a graduation ceremony at Baylor University, Texas. He used a ceremony spotlight to surprise her. He then took the microphone, which was used to call out his name, and used it to call out to his girlfriend, Nicole Whitehead.

“Nicole Whitehead, in 112, I love you so much and I was wondering, will you marry me?” he said. He got down on one knee and asked her to come to the stadium floor. Everyone applauded as she said yes.

The proposal was recorded on video and shared on the University’s Facebook account, with the caption: “How do you top finally getting your Baylor degree? By getting a “Yes!” to your marriage proposal at the same time!!”

Many commented on the video congratulating the couple. There were a couple of people who seemed to find the proposal “inconsiderate” to the next person in line to graduate. One person said: “This is cute, I guess, but not really. My friend was the person behind him (and) this prevented her (and) her family/friends from hearing her name being called. She’s the first person in her family to graduate college so this is kind of upsetting to steal someone’s moment like that. Madelina Escobar, so sorry your moment was interrupted but everyone is so proud of you.”

The man’s mother replied apologizing to the girl: “Hi Madelina Escobar, I am the newly engaged man’s mom. I wondered and was concerned about you and your position behind Duke after his impromptu proposal. Bless you, dear one. I will repeat your name over and over in my mind and to others and pray for prosperity in your walk after graduation and for your family and friends that support your journey.”


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