Hampton University is about to open a “Student Success Center,” this coming fall. Every freshman will be receiving a prescription.

The Center

Hampton University has announced that it will be opening a “student success center” next fall, to which all freshman will be receiving a prescription. The building will be on the university’s campus, close to the National Cemetery.

The prescription is called an I-PASS, or an “Individual Plan for Academic Success,” which will give guidance to students about what they should do to become successful in college. The Success center will also be offering a more individualized form of counselling. They will also be provided with extra tutoring opportunities as the school year continues. The three-year grant of $600,000 from “The Mellon Foundation” will be partly funding the center.

The grant will reportedly help the university acquire a data system for freshman to fill out for their I-PASS’s.

This marks Hampton’s ninth grant from the foundation, which, according to its website, has been offering grants since 1970. The total amount Hampton received from their grants is about $2.55 million.

Comments on the Center

“We looked at our support services that we provided for our students and we thought that we could enhance the services that we provide our students, which is free tutoring, workshops, addressing time management, study skills, financial literacy, those types of things,” said the administrative services’ vice president, Barbara Inman. “And so we wanted to enhance those support services which will ultimately enhance our retention and graduation rate.”

The University’s president, William Harvey, said: “We have used some of Hampton’s own money to build a physical facility, the infrastructure.”

“I am very pleased we have this grant for a three-year period, and I have committed the institution to continuing all of the provisions, including the additional academic advisers, including all of the technology. The building itself will have a room that will have computers, fax machine, copy machine, and that will be open 24 hours. So what we’re trying to do, both with the academic advisers as well as providing the extra technology, is to move in the direction that I set out.”

Harvey said that when he started his tenure almost four decades ago, he initiated a “Student Assessment Center,” which similarly helped students get through university. He said that the new center will hopefully provide a more enhanced aid system by individualizing the help that students receive.


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