The whole process of working with electronic documents can be divided into three main stages – creation, transfer (transfer to responsible persons, publication, etc.) and storage. On the first of them, the Word Document format has a distinct advantage, because editing of PDF documents is difficult. For editing cases, first, convert PDF to Word. Microsoft Word is an outspoken leader in the software used to create documents, which is installed on almost every office computer. It is easy to use, has extensive functionality and has long been turned into a standard de facto. At the same time, full-fledged editors for creating PDF-files simply do not exist. Even professional versions of Adobe Acrobat software allow you to make only minimal changes to an existing document (for example, fill out a questionnaire, add a comment, etc.). That why in order to create a PDF file, you must first create it in any other format and then already convert it to PDF using special software or virtual printer. Naturally, this is not very convenient for end user.


However, editing PDF files are also possible and there is no secret how to do this. In order to make changes, it is enough to change the format of the document, you can do it by using the free online PDF to Doc converter. Of course, in some of services there are restrictions to the size or number of files, but if you have a task with a lot of documents just use several similar online services.


All advantages of the PDF format are relevant for storing electronic documents. And now there is a very interesting situation. On the one hand, you will need to create documents in Word Document format. You can not create a PDF document at once, but it is more convenient to transfer and store documents in PDF format. Then you again convert PDF to Word to fix or add some data. You can, of course, choose one technology and reconcile with its disadvantages. But it’s better to use the combined workflow after all: create files in Word Document format, and before they are sent or transferred to the archive, convert them to PDF. That’s why companies often face the challenge of converting files from DOC format to PDF format. This approach allows using all the advantages of both technologies and avoiding their disadvantages. As a conclusion, the symbiosis of formats helps to save time and  human resources during the workflow.


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