Landlords who are in violation of housing policies and subsequently students’ rights shall soon be publicly shamed through a list that will be made public to students

The issue of difficult, uncooperative landlords was a key topic of discussion at the University of Minnesota’s student association earlier this spring.

The university’s student body president, Trish Palermo, said to the Minnesota Daily: “It’s something almost every single student can relate to, especially considering that the vast majority of students live off campus.”

With the help of university student testimonials, a list has been created of landlords guilty of having violated the rights of their student tenants.

Some of the recurring violations include short-term leases, demanding certain leases be specific to certain units, and tampering with obligatory clauses of arbitration.

The university’s department of legal services has also involved the Democratic Representative of Minneapolis, Ilhan Omar, to begin implementing actual changes in legislation.

Ilhan aims, in conjunction with the university student association and the legal services department, to draft concrete legislation that will directly address and combat landlords’ taking advantage of student tenants.

The campaign aims to warn students where to avoid when selecting off-campus housing

The final product of the student association’s work will be a complete list of off-campus residences managed by landlords who have repeatedly been in violation of students’ rights.

University students’ and respective associations hope that this list will help new students proceed with caution when selecting a place to rent and live and that the number of cases the university’s legal department receives regarding landlord issues will decrease.

The legislation to be drafted and issued by Representative Ilhan will also aim to clarify what decent terms and conditions for leases are, and hopefully avoids the situation of students from getting trapped in unpleasant or restrictive leases.


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