A fraternity at the University of Oklahoma is facing a lawsuit for allegedly hazing a student by blindfolding him, forcing him to watch slaughter videos and then hitting him with a baseball bat in the stomach after losing a football game.

The Incident

Blake Novacek is alleging that the university’s fraternity members hit him till he lost consciousness, the lawsuit says. He is suing Gamma Phi, the parent organization of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity as well as two of its members in Tulsa County’s court. He is also alleging that the incident caused him brain damage.

This reportedly happened after The University of Oklahoma lost to the University of Texas in a football match in Dallas in 2015. After the loss, Beta Theta Pi reportedly asked its pledges to go to their fraternity house and covered Novacek’s head with a pillowcase and took him into one of the members’ rooms- shane Muselmann. Muselmann reportedly showed him pig-slaughtering videos, asking him to recall facts about Beta Theta Pi.

After Novacek failed to recall one specific fact, Muselmann “became enraged” and hit him in the stomach with a baseball bat, which caused him to hit something as he fell back, causing him to lose consciousness.

According to one of his attorneys, Christopher Cooke, “He was carted down to the basement and put on a couch and sat unconscious for 10 hours with no medical help.”

When Novacek woke up, another member, Gavin Martinale, reportedly threatened him and said the fraternity would damage his belongings, expel him and “ruin his reputation” if he snitched about the incident.

The Fraternity’s Response

The fraternity is denying Novacek’s allegations.

“While we are mystified by the plaintiff’s motivations, we do firmly believe that the subject allegations are false and that the suit’s claims are entirely without merit,” Beta Theta Pi’s president, Zach Allen, said. “We are offended by the allegations, we intend to vigorously contest this action by all legal means at our disposal, and we are confident of vindication.”

This comes following a series of high-profile lawsuits regarding fraternities hazing students. Earlier this week, Dallas’ Southern Methodist University suspended one of their fraternities for hazing incidents.

In September, a fraternity at Louisiana State University reportedly died following a “potential hazing incident,” according to the police. In February, Pennsylvania State University also banned their Beta Theta Pi fraternity after one of their students fell to his death following a hazing ritual.


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