The University of Texas’s Dallas campus was being evacuated after a bomb threat was made. The threat was found to be a hoax 20 minutes later, and students were allowed back into the building.

The Bomb Threat

The University of Texas’s Dallas campus was on lockdown after there was an alert of a bomb threat at around 3:00pm local time. Dozens of students were asked to leave the building. The police confirmed that the threat was a hoax at 3:20pm, and the students returned to their regular schedules.

The University had tweeted at the time: “All UTD faculty, staff, students and visitors need to immediately evacuate all buildings and parking garages on campus. Please go to UT Dallas parking lots and stay away from buildings until further notice. We received a bomb threat and are working with the police department to make sure the campus is safe.”

It later said: “Police say bomb threat was a hoax. You may now enter the buildings and parking structures.”

Comments on the Incident

Students took to social media to express their thoughts throughout the incident. Joyce Yendys said: “My professor has just emailed and cancelled class. Not likely to be a drill.”

Gracie Marie said: “Was in Green Hall when security told all of us to evacuate. We’re now being told to leave campus. Not sure what’s going on but everyone’s definitely leaving.”

Another student, Laura Krietemeyer, said: “Thank you for putting of our safety first. I pray everyone is safe and sound.”

Previous UT Incidents

Just last month, a stabbing took place at University of Texas in Austin, injuring several people and killing one. The suspect was taken into custody by the police and confirmed to the public that there were “no additional immediate threats to campus.” It still remains unclear what events led up to the stabbing. According to a witness, she was casually ordering food from a food truck, when the attacker grabbed the man beside her “and stabbed him.”

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, issued a statement on the issue, saying: “Our prayers go out to all those affected by today’s tragic events.”

“I have been briefed by the Department of Public Safety on both incidents, and have also talked to University of Texas at Austin President Greg Fenves. As the investigations into these heinous crimes continue, I have offered all available state resources to both Dallas and the University of Texas to assist in any effort.”


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