A 21-year-old man has been charged for the University Park drive-by shooting that took place in a southern suburb on Sunday evening.

The Charge

A 21-year-old man, D’quan Usher, of University Park, has been charged for “aggravated battery with a firearm” and “aggravated unlawful use of a weapon” in the drive-by shooting that took place on Circle Drive on Sunday evening. Both of these charges are felonies, police said.

The Sherriff’s office says Usher is currently detained at the Detention Facility in Will County on a $1m bond. He is scheduled for a court appearance on July 14th.

Chief of Police, John Pate had said at the time: “We currently have multiple persons of interest in custody at this time and are following leads to apprehend the other occupants of the vehicle at the time of the shooting.”

The Incident

According to Pate’s statement, a 21-year-old man was taken to an Olympia Fields hospital, Saint James Health, after being shot in the head on Sunday, at around 6:45pm local time. The man’s condition stabilized and is now recovering from his injuries.

A vehicle with multiple people in it reportedly drove past the victim, shot him and then immediately took off. They then crashed into another parked vehicle in the same area. The suspects then ran from the vehicle. Police said they “used a K-9 unit” and set up a perimeter in order to track them.

According to police, they were able to take in many people as “persons of interest.” but some others have not yet been found. Pate has also described the shooting as a “targeted attack” and is ensuring the public that there is “no further threat to the public at this time.”

The police is asking that “Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call University Park police at (708) 235-4803 to leave an anonymous tip or speak to an investigator.”

Other Shootings in the Area

According to ABC News, there was another shooting at a University Park mall on June 11th. A man named Benito Bueno was fatally shot after getting in an argument at a bar.

According to Lieutenant Alex Arendt: “The groups, nearing closing time, began leaving the bar. As they left the bar, oral arguments turned into physical altercations and during those altercations a fire arm did become involved and that’s how our victim ended up getting shot.”

Police said the shooter’s name is Miguel Rosales, and have urged the public to “contact police right away” if they find him.


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