A Birgham Young University professor has been fired for posting a pro-LGBT Facebook post, after some colleagues complained.

The Incident

Ruthie Robertson, a 22-year-old professor at Birgham Young University, has reportedly been fired after her colleagues complained about her posting a pro-LGBT Facebook post.

On June 5th, Robertson wrote on a status on her Facebook page to celebrate pride month.

‘‘This is my official announcement and declaration that I believe heterosexuality and homosexuality are both natural and neither is sinful,’’ she wrote. ‘‘I will never support the phrase ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ because that ‘sin’ is part of who that person is. Homosexuality and transgenderism are not sins; if God made us, and those are part of who we are . . . then God created that as well.’’

Although Robertson wasn’t Facebook friends with anyone she taught, one of her friends ended up reporting the post to the department she worked for, and sent an email notifying the president of the school.

The next day, school administrators asked to see her and reportedly implied that she would be fired if she refused to remove the post. Robertson refused, saying that she never expresses her social or political views in her classroom. The school’s officials responded by telling her to “pray about her decision.”

The following week, an administrator told her that she will not be coming back to the school next fall, and that her contract has been terminated.

Further Comments On the Incident

A spokesman for the university commented on this, saying that it “has a long-standing policy of not commenting on personal matters.”

Robertson commented on her firing, saying: “Nothing in the contract says you can’t privately disagree with something with the church. There is nothing in the contract that says I can’t express my personal opinions on my Facebook.’’

Robertson had also said: “I realise that my views counter the current day policies of the LDS Church, but I hope that over time the Church will come to see the harm these policies have.”

“I will always and forever stand up for the equality of the LGBT community. Sexuality and gender are not binary, they are on a spectrum and that’s how we were made.”

The University’s honour code on their website also commented on the topic of homosexuality, saying it ‘‘will respond to homosexual behaviour rather than to feelings or attraction and welcomes as full members of the university community all whose behaviour meets university standards.

‘‘However, the Honour Code requires all members of the university community to manifest a strict commitment to the law of chastity. Homosexual behaviour is inappropriate and violates the Honour Code. Homosexual behaviour includes not only sexual relations between members of the same sex, but all forms of physical intimacy that give expression to homosexual feelings.’’


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