President Trump posed for photos alongside Utah University’s ski team throughout an event for NCAA champion teams

A photo taken at the White House on Friday reveals President Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy Devos proudly displaying the “U” hand gesture with the members Utah University’s ski team.

The team, nicknamed the Utes, had been invited to the White House for their accomplishments in the NCAA Skiing Championship of 2017 when they took home a title for the first time since 2003.

17 other championship teams were present, totaling 18 – a basketball team from South Carolina declined to attend.

The 18 teams were instructed to stand on bleachers in areas around the White House to allow room for President Trump to pass by for photo opportunities.

Abi Holt, the coach of the Utes, said that the President remained with the team for almost a full two minutes. An aid made the introductions between the President and the team.

Holt said that President Trump told the Utes that he was also a fan of skiing, saying that his favorite spot to practice the sport was Aspen.

Trump then proceeded to get into place for the photograph, before which the Secretary, President, and the team all made the “U” sign before the photo.

The Utes enjoy their visit and take the time to see the sights

Prior to the photograph, the Utes were allowed to roam freely throughout the East Wing, with what Holt deemed a “surprising” amount of freedom to take photos and explore.

The team admired portraits while White House staff historians accompanied them, informing the young athletes about the history of the rooms and items they were looking at.

One of the rooms visited b the students where was former President Obama had made the announcement that terrorist Bin Laden had been killed by US forces.


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