Glynis Breakwell, the vice-chancellor with the highest salary in the UK, was told “move on” at a yearly faculty event

Professor Glynis Breakwell is known throughout the UK for her notoriously high salary: the highest salary any vice-chancellor receives to date, totaling nearly half a million pounds.

At a yearly faculty member event, Breakwell was confronted by a member of staff who told the vice-chancellor “move on”.

The event, held to allow senior management and staff members to discuss various issues, and for staff to be able to have the opportunity to communicate their opinions to senior management staff.

Bath University’s services director, Malcolm Holley, told Breakwell directly that he was of the firm belief that the university could move forward until she [Breakwell] moved on.

Holley stated that due to the negative publicity surrounding Breakwell, the university did not have the opportunity to “get on with” promoting itself as an academic institution.

Holley went on to add that Breakwell was almost entirely devoid of support among both students and staff and that the best thing she could do for the university would be to tender her resignation.

Protests over Breakwell’s “outrageous” salary hitting the university’s credibility

Breakwell’s excessively high salary has caused scandal in the media and educational sector, with four MP’s choosing to relinquish their positions at Bath University in direct protest of her salary.

The event also garnered demonstrators from a student group who protest against cuts in the university’s system and ill-allocated funding, all who came to call for the resignation of Breakwell and an overhaul in the infrastructure of the university’s management.


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